6# Flathead Fire Axe; 36 Fiberglass Handle

You can see how much I cut off, but I should have cut off more . Thinking about it now, I should have held the wedge next to the head at the depth I wanted the wedge to go into the eye. I could have marked/cut the handle 1/4″ shorter than the length of the wedge. This would have ensured that the wedge went in far enough before it couldn’t be driven any farther. The wedge that came with my handle is slightly wider that the width of the eye. I used a wood chisel to split off the extra width. You want to keep the wedge as wide as possible and still be able to fit into the eye.

Council Tool Pickhead Fireman’s axe with a 36″ curved hickory handle. is a domestic manufacturer of quality hand tools, supplying over 1, 000 hand tools under FORGE brand throughout the global distribution network. When you’re looking for an axe, you can’t go wrong with a Collins. These sturdy tools are built to last, and have superior performance to similarly priced competition. This company has a long and interesting history, and is still making quality tools to this day. So when you purchase a one of these tools, you’re contributing to this long legacy of quality.

The special request includes Octagon, No lacquer, and handpicked handles. The handpicked option is the best as it will guarantee the excellent quality of the handle with great design and grain alignment. If you buy an axe handle from a local market store, the handles are effective but have some downsides that define their low-quality. Such as the non-smooth finish, they are prone to crack, and they are not durable. So, the article aims to provide the answers to your queries so that you can find the best axe handles suited for your job. It is true that gorilla glue does not have structural strength in the voids like epoxy. I have had good luck with gorilla glue in the application as it makes a good bond for wood to wood or wood to steel. The expansion characteristics in voids when confined between surfaces, in my opinion would still help to prevent handle movement more than no filler at all. I mention both as I feel that either will help significantly to prevent any movement or slippage.

Live auctions will be subject to a 15% buyers premium . Also note some items will be subject to a handing fee. Octagon – We add $1.50 per handle to your order. Handpicked Handles – We will add $2.00 per handle to your order. The octagon is done by hand, not by machine, therefore will not be perfect. Each octagon handle will vary and are not returnable. Octagon – We add $1.70 per handle to your order.

The company is based initially in Tennessee River Valley. The fiberglass is not prone to wear even in extreme environmental conditions. On the other hand, wood can soak up anything they come in contact with, shrink and also swell up. That’s why fiberglass is used in windmills, aircraft, automobiles, boats, and sports goods due to its durability. Due to oversize or custom packaging and weight, this product requires additional shipping fees. Axe head is attached to the handle with a strong epoxy, forming a chemical and mechanical bond. Axe head is hydraulically seated onto the handle and secured with a serrated aluminum edge. A necessity for wildland firefighters, this Pulaski axe is equipped with a hand-sharpened, single bit edge and mattock blade. The Leatherhead Tools Pick Head Axe is designed for prying and cutting in any environment. Our Pick Head Axe is drop forged using high carbon steel and comes in two weights 6 lb.

Wood handle forged Russia type axe

Next, tap it in lightly with a blunt piece of wood. Each time you push it in, check how far it gets in based on the bottom of the kerf. Take measurements following each test fitting.Cut down the handle as the test fittings suggest. If an inch of kerfed handle is sticking out, for example, it means you’ll have to shave down an equal amount of your handle accordingly. I hope that this article inspires you to get and use a quality axe, whether you decide to restore one or purchase any of the great options available now. There is something primal about using an axe and the difference between a sharp axe and the axes most men have used is truly startling. It isn’t a bad idea to put several coats on the handle. You will probably be so proud of your axe that you will find yourself repeatedly picking it up for no real good reason. In any case, you will want the handle to soak up at much oil as possible. You can repeat this step if you want to make the handle shockingly smooth.

It’s also an affordable option that is easy on your wallet but tough on your outdoor tasks. Barbones Living brings to the table a Pulaski axe that is both effective at what it does, and beautifully designed and crafted. Their blade is made from super strong carbon steel that connects to an attractive 21 inch beech wood handle, a unique feature to find in Pulaski axes on the market. This axe has a removable hex nut to easily replace the handle should it break or need fixing down the road. It weighs in at a hefty 5.55 pounds for a powerful swing best for larger-bodied people. This 3.5 pound and 36 inch long Pulaski axe from Seymour offers great strength and durability for outdoor work.

If the old handle was fiberglass, it may be easier to purchase a new axe. Removing the old epoxy can be difficult, and time consuming. I prefer a wooden handled axe or maul for my own use but we use fiberglass handled axes with our youth group as they are much tougher. BTW, another very important factor to consider as far as axes go – ergonomy. One of the reasons I truly love my Gransfors Bruks small forest axe is that aside from an excellent head, the handle is absolutely perfectly shaped. Wherever and however you grip it, it allows full control whether you do heavy chopping or finer work like carving. Most other axes on the market, either wood or fiberglass handle, fall way short in that department. And I think that sort of abuse would be realistic in a lot of SHTF scenarios. And an axe is the original multitool, filling a lot of roles.

Their classic Pulaski axe features a single bit axe head that is dual-sided to include both the adze and standard blade. The handle is constructed from strong American hickory and measures 36 inches long. The enamel red axe head is Council Tool’s signature trademark, and this axe is great for a variety of tasks such as general landscaping, forestry needs, and fighting wildfires. The only thing you need is a replacement handle with the right shape to fit the eye of the axe. An axe head’s profile can be designed to serve a specific purpose or have a “general-purpose” design. Axe heads made for splitting have wide, wedge-shaped blades to split wood fibers horizontally with the grain. Felling axes, on the other hand, have thin and sharp blades to efficiently and effectively cut perpendicularly to wood fiber to cut down a tree. Multi- or general-purpose axes have a medium-thick profile suitable for both cutting and splitting. Fiberglass handle axe is specialized in root trimming, large branch and trunk removal. Made of premium hickory, the wood handle of fiberglass axe has a hoof shaped design for ergonomic consideration.

Notice how the bit edge is too stumpy to create a consistent edge all the way through the axe. It should be obvious that this bit is simply worn out. Too much hard steel has been removed from the edge to make this axe worth the investment of your time and your pride. And, like all aspects of manliness, sharpening an axe requires persistence, patience, and knowledge passed down from one’s predecessors. Rub caulking cord sealer in both of your hands to warm it so it adheres well to the handle. Rub the sealant continually until you form a strand equal in length to the circumference of the handle. Encircle the caulking cord sealant around the handle at the point where the bottom of the maul meets it.

Finally, saw off the protruding wedge and treat your new handle with a coat of mineral oil. Alternatively, you can purchase a new axe outright. If you don’t have the time to replace a handle, buying a new axe will save you effort. Bottles of mineral oil are relatively cheap, and can be used to restore life to a drab handle. Drip some mineral oil into a handcloth and apply it consistently to the axe handle. Files and rifflers may also be used to file down a length of wood.Allow at least half an inch between the bottom of the kerf and the main handle. The handle may need few tries to get in properly. Push it in and try to get it in manually at first.

Hickory is the most famous wood used for making quality axe handles. Hickory wood is much stronger as compared to white Oak and hard maple and importantly more flexible. Hickory handles are known for their quality and durability among axe lovers all around the world. Husqvarna axes made of American hickory are very famous among farmers to use it as a woodcutter ax. The Firefighter Axe’s superior performance doesn’t stop at the head. Whether you choose a wood or fiberglass handle, these are probably the best axe handles you’ll find anywhere. What’s true is that fiberglass handles are tougher and can take more punishment than traditional wooden handles. They are more expensive, but have great shock absorption properties and are very durable. One big advantage that fiberglass handles have over wooden handles is that they are not nearly as sensitive to the environment. When shopping for an axe, you might be stuck with a dilemma.