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Alaco Ships and Folding Ladders use flat steps of varying widths – each chosen for a specific angle. Flat steps offer the best support when climbing at an angle. Since vertical climbing requires more effort from the upper body, Alaco 90° Fixed Ladders feature round rungs instead of flat rungs. Round rungs are superior because they provide a stronger, more comfortable grip as you pull yourself up. Round rungs also provide a more natural support for the feet, which pivot more when climbing straight up. Replace your old aluminum pontoon boat ladder with a new stainless pontoon ladder from PontoonStuff. Strong, easy to use ladder that stores easily anywhere on your pontoon boat. The Steel Rolling Ladder for cabinets is preassembled with rolling hardware for a weight capacity of 352 lb . Ultra-durable steel frame with outward pointing legs keeps weight distributed evenly for added stability.

O’Keeffe’s ladders have deeply serrated square rungs for maximum foot traction and safety. Structural molded copolymer Tool-Tra-Top® holds quart paint cans and tools — slotted for paint roller tray. Internal steel spreaders protect against abuse, storage and transport damage. Double-riveted aluminum steps are deeply serrated for slip resistance. Combination rail end shield and shoe with extruded rubber slip-resistant foot pad. Front rails 3-1/8″W. Flange 1-3/16″W. Rear Rails 1-7/8″W. Flange 1-3/16″W. Steps are 3″W. Top is 5-3/4″W x 13″L. Meets ANSI and OSHA Standards. FOB Shipping Point. We should, however, take the maintenance of aerial ladders seriously, because there’s a lot more riding on those rungs and rails besides a roof ladder, an ax, and a pike pole-you are! For the rest of the fire service, a poor economy has created stiff competition between apparatus manufacturers to put the best product out there. All you have to do is walk the aisles of the trade shows like the Fire Department Instructors Conference to see that the new fire apparatus are impressive rigs. NFPA 1914, Standard for Testing Fire Department Aerial Devices (2002 ed.), recommends annual nondestructive tests for aerial ladders to be performed by third-party companies.

Cantilever ladders are used to access mezzanines, storage containers, tanks, etc. If our standard products are not meeting your specific needs then you need our help. On a daily basis we custom design our products. Rolling Ladders are our claim to fame since the 1950s. We build steel, aluminum, and stainless steel rolling ladders everyday at our factory. Ladder rungs are an important safety design feature to take into consideration. Steel ladders typically have round rungs and are not serrated, making it less stable for the person trying to climb it.

For more information about your statutory rights on the Which Consumer Rights Website. We will then advise you what address to send the return to or arrange a collection of the product. For your protection, we recommend that you use a Recorded Delivery service. We cannot issue refunds for goods that fail to reach us. Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of returning the goods to us unless we have delivered the item to you in error or the item is faulty. We cannot cancel items made to your requirements if the manufacture of this item has been started. If you wish to cancel a bespoke product and the technical drawing has already been created, there may be a charge to cancel your order.

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Forward us your fixed ladder concept and we will provide a CAD file for your review to ensure a proper fit, prior to fabrication. Cotterman® Fixed Steel Ladders are designed for use where safe, solid vertical climbing access is required. Series F and Series M modular fixed steel ladders are available with and without walk-thru handrails at the top landing surface. All Cotterman® fixed ladders meet applicable OSHA and ANSI standards. In The Swim carries pool steps and pool ladders, along with pool step and ladder accessories, in a variety of sizes and styles for all types of pool applications all at great prices. In our parts department, you can also find inground pool ladder parts and parts for Vinyl Works above ground steps and ladders. For questions regarding selection or installation of our pool ladders, steps or hand rails, please contact our pool product specialists at . A-Mezz fixed ladders and cages are heavy-duty, safe and strong. We have OSHA-compliant access ladders for nearly any structure, from walls and warehouses to silos bridges and roof hatches.

This makes them more important in warehouse and other similar work environments. The real manufactory ,give you a good quality and a best price, and we have 12 years experience. 2) For form and type of ladder rung for steel grating, refer to stair tread. 3) For detailed structure and size of steel ladder, refer to <<02J401Collective Drawing for Construction Steel Ladder>>. Our Steel Egress Ladders are the perfect solution for vertical access needs. Applications range from roof access on buildings to complex systems on large structures such as silos or bridges. These Fixed Steel Ladders meet or exceed OSHA & ANSI Standards. Environmentally friendly, attractive, and durable powdercoat finishes produce no VOCs or heavy metals and are extremely energy-efficient in production. Each powdercoat finish is applied using top-quality thermoset powdercoatings to provide maximum durability and protection from scratching, corrosion, and sunlight. Seven standard powdercoat finishes are available, and custom colors may be available on request.

Fall arrestor systems, cages, landings and gates can be combined to provide safe maintenance access solutions. Professional engineering services and documented load calculations are also available. Multi purpose ladder and axe tools made of high carbon steel and waterproof paint for improved safety, durability and reliability. We specialize in design and manufacturing fiberglass vs wood handle axe, machinist hammer, crowbar, pickaxe, steel/aluminium ladder, etc. Smeal acknowledged the inherent problem with steel aerials-rust. “While thorough paint jobs prevent oxidation on the exterior of the ladder, the challenge was dealing with rust from within. After years of repetitive exposure to the elements, steel aerials rust from the inside out.

My vote if cost is not a factor would be a good alloy of aluminum, hands down. ie the temper may change over a period of time due to the flexing of the ladder. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. The LWS attic ladder is a folding metal attic ladder, supplied with an insulated MDF wooden door. Allowed maximum load of the metal ladder is 300 lbs for the 47″ models and 350 Ibs for the 54″ models . The red-painted metal handrail is mounted on the angle brackets of the ladder, and can be mounted on either side of the ladder, making climbing easier. Designed for Increased Comfort, the LML is a metal, three-section folding attic ladder with piston-assisted unfolding. Sortimo’s SR5 racking offers structure to your working day professionally and productively.

MP Industries, Inc. offers a wide array of fixed ladders to satisfy a variety of applications. We can can custom fabricate virtually any type of Egress Ladder to suit your needs. Our expertise includes in-house research and development, fully integrated manufacturing and an extensive materials line. With over 20 years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion. All of our ladders are made in the USA and meet OSHA and ANSI standards. Standard fixed steel ladders are combined with safety cage protection. Available in 10′ through 29′ sizes and ideal for hatchway or side-step landing access.

A wide variety of metallic and enamel finishes are available for the ladder hardware. Hardware may be finished to blend in with the ladder or to contrast as a design element. Recommended for technicians that use their ladders moderately, once every other day. Recommended for technicians that use their ladders frequently, once everyday or more. The LMP is a metal, 3-section folding attic ladder, designed for high spaces, up to 12′. Reach out to our sales team for any questions on products, ordering, installations, fleet purchasing, and more.

Henry Quackenbush patented the extension ladder in 1867. , commonly used to refer to a hybrid between a step ladder and an extension ladder with 360-degree hinges; has three parts and can be taken apart to form two step ladders; e.g. Mobile Safety Steps are self-supporting structures that have wheels or castors making them easy to move. They sometimes have a small upper platform and a hand rail to assist in moving up and down the steps. A system of counterweights is used to let the lower sliding part descend gently when released. Accommodation ladder are portable steps down the side of a ship for boarding. Pre-drilled holes will have standard 16″ on center spacing. This is ideal for installing into a full headerboard or backing in the wall support. If you are attaching into studs, you will need to drill on-site to ensure your holes match up.

(Photos by author.) Four heat sensor warning labels are required on each section of the ladder. These dots are the size of a fingernail and not easy to see at night or in smoke. It is essential that firefighters check these labels after every fire and during weekly maintenance checks. These access ports at the base of the fly sections are where the waxy paraffin-based compound, NWAC 120-4, is sprayed into the hollow-tube steel members of the ladder. It is a highly effective cavity corrosion inhibitor that provides long-term protection for both ferrous and nonferrous metals. The European Union and the United Kingdom established a ladder certification system – ladder classes – for any ladders manufactured or sold in Europe. The certification classes apply solely to ladders that are portable such as stepladders and extension ladders and are broken down into three types of certification. Each ladder certification is colour-coded to indicate the amount of weight the ladder is designed to hold, the certification class and its use.

, also known as a builder’s ladder, has sections that come apart and are interchangeable so that any number of sections can be connected. Hook ladder or pompier ladder, a rigid ladder with a hook at the top to grip a windowsill; used by firefighters. Christmas tree ladder, a type of boarding ladder for divers which has a single central rail and is open at the sides to allow the diver to climb the ladder while wearing swimfins. , a ladder laid horizontally to act as a passage between two points separated by a drop. A ladder is featured in a Mesolithic rock painting that is at least 10,000 years old, depicted in the Spider Caves in Valencia, Spain. The painting depicts two humans using a ladder to reach a wild honeybee nest to harvest honey.