Custom Polycarbonate Graphic Overlay

There are several icons such as the “low tire pressure” icon, the “check engine” icon, etc. However, unless a problem arises where the icon needs to be displayed to alert you, the icon is hidden. This is made possible through the use of dead fronting in a graphic overlay. Graphic Overlays are also able to be customized to the level of dead fronting you wish to have, depending on how hidden you want icons to be. Acrylic is more transparent than glass and is roughly 50% lighter. Many companies choose to use acrylic because it is strong and does not bend easily. It makes stiff and durable signs or displays, and is the best choice for diffusing/transmitting light. Nameplates are usually a metal plate that is etched to display a textual message. Metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and brass are commonly used throughout the industry. The metal plate could be etched to show company names and brands, or important information such as serial numbers and safety warnings.

This material can be available in smooth-gloss finish or textured mark-resist finish, which helps in enhancing its resistance to mechanical abrasion. As a way of increasing its mechanical performance, you can choose to over-laminate it once it has printed a wide range of protective films. Some of the ideal features for this type of material is that it is versatile, has good mechanical properties, durable, provides excellent optical transmission, durable and thermally stable, among others. You can as well describe it as a thin-film, printed, decorative designs that are attached to the viewing services of a particular product. Did you desire for aesthetics text overlay to be added on business? All our great animated Twitch overlays, screens & alerts in one place for use with Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube, and software like OBS and xSplit. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. Targeting These cookies may be set through our website by our advertising partners. They may be placed to create a profile of your interests and show you relevant advertisement on other sites.

Our in-house engineers bring fresh, critical thinking to every project. A graphic overlay effect is used to here to communicate a powerful message. You can also see FREE YouTube Gaming Logo, Banner & Avatar Template. Stream Overlay are graphics, animations or tools that are displayed in a stream over the actual content during a live broadcast. These Overlays, also called Stream Overlays or Stream Templates, are usually graphics (.JPG, .PNG) or animations (.GIF, .WEBM). Our graphics can be used with streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, Huya or others. Another key benefit we offer is our pre-approved status with UL, ANSI, CSA, CE, FCC and other government sanctioning agencies. This allows us to legally apply registration and trademark encoding to identify and protect our clients’ products and brands. We can also streamline the process to receive approval to reproduce specific business trademarks. We are constantly learning while testing materials and imaging technology combinations to ensure each product will perform beyond expectations in its respective product environment.

Prior to application, the Overlay should be stored in a clean and dry environment to avoid any contamination. Each adhesive manufacturer offers guidelines for application to ensure optimum performance with the bond and integrity of the adhesive layers. Digitally printed Graphic Overlays are generally suited for low volume production, this is due to a lower speed of print, therefore, more costly for higher volume. A combination of both screen and digital can work really well together too. The graphic overlays can be produced in any size or shape to match your requirements. The bottom line is that the more attractive your graphic overlay, the higher the chances of increasing your brand recognition. Of course, the essence of a graphic overlay is providing a function to the product. The best one is dependent on the specific type and end-user application of the graphic overlay.

Graphic overlay wholesale

Such machines are used with high intensity, which leads to their quick wear and tear. That is why it is extremely important to protect them not only from their users but also from any external conditions. Graphic Overlay Decals are an invaluable help in this task, and they had to appear in our offer. At Sticky Business, you can create customized control panel overlay printing of your machines, protect them and prolong their use by years. Our team will create an overlay by screen printing or digital printing, and the finished product will perfectly match control panels, membrane switches, and sub-surface signage. Screen printing is the most economical method to produce large quantities of custom graphic overlays and labels on polycarbonate or PET substrates. Screen printed graphic overlays are very high quality and very durable. However, there are more initial costs involved with screen printing when compared to digital printing. Each color in the print will require its own unique screen and screen positive. Every color will also require a set-up at the time of print, and a color matching.

Excellent experience in manufacturing membrane switch for global clients for over 15 years is our strongpoint, that makes difference with our competitors. Functionally, the graphic overlay is often used to protect moisture ingress into the user interface unit. Manufacturers have an essentially endless array of design options for customizing a graphic overlay, including embossing, coloring, tinting, display windows, backlighting and texturing. Printed Facia Panels are a key part of any control panel system as they are both functional and informative. These printed graphic products are the first item that an operator’s eye is drawn to. Consequently, the graphic overlay has a big influence on the user’s first impression. Attention to detail, precise colour matching and intuitive graphics are critical factors in creating an effective graphical overlay. WeProFab can make a different kind of graphics overlays for you.

Dead front graphics for special effects back-lighting, selectively patterned adhesives and adhesives for hard-to-stick-to surfaces. Have you ever got cranky when you found the push button on the oven does not work, while you are in the middle of cooking? And they have been serving a wide range of industries to meet the customer’s unique needs. We call this control panel as a membrane switch, and custom graphic overlay is the main part of it. Manufacturer of custom graphics and labels for the manufacturing, construction, transportation, agriculture, petroleum, electronics, healthcare, and marine industries. Custom manufacturer of metal, graphic control panel and photosensitive overlays. Processes include die cutting, screen printing, photo anodizing and engraving. Stainless steel, aluminum, Mylar®, vinyl, Lexan® and acrylic materials used. Serves the medical, military, aerospace and manufacturing industries.

Some don’t require attribution, and you won’t need to worry at all. Use this overlay for a bit of fun, to add a child-like, happy feeling to your project. Austin Newman gives us just that, and a tutorial to go with it. This is a quick, easy way to get that authentic old film look. A beautiful, rainbow light leak overlay like this adds something very special to an edit. This warm, bright overlay is great for adding a fresh, new atmosphere to your project.

Digital printing is an excellent manufacturing technique for complex designs with gradient effects, large numbers of colors, or small production volumes. It is also a great method to produce a graphic overlay prototype without investing in significant tooling or set up costs. We use digital printing to make custom graphic overlays and labels on substrates such as polycarbonate and PET. Our digitally printed products are used by OEMs in the medical industry, laboratory equipment manufacturers, and custom control panel designers. We can produce custom graphic overlays as large as 22″ x 48″ with digital printing techniques. Screen print the color ink on the back side of a transparent polymer. After the overlays printing and die cut, it becomes a colored membrane layer. As we all know, there are screen print and digital print for a membrane switch company to choose. Usually, for small amount manufacturing, providers offer digitally print for the customer. Digitally printed labels are always made for rapid prototype.

King Epoxy Emblem Technology Partners is your go-to source for decorative and interface solutions. With our 16,900-square-foot facility, we have a broad range of capabilities such as in-house design and engineering support, warehousing, and turnkey assembly. We carefully analyze your design requirements and will assist you in finding a solution that addresses your concerns. We continue to take extra precautions to protect the safety of our team in our facility and continue to offer our full range of custom services with timely deliveries. Quality continues to be a high priority for repeat items and new parts alike. We look forward to hear from you and hope that you, your families and colleagues are well. Some adhesives are rated to perform within extremely low or high temperatures, or within chemical and aqueous environments.

Special printing effects – they also help in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and value of graphic overlay in a significant way. On the other hand, digitally printed graphics overlays tend to take your artwork in digital form as well as prints directly using a particular printer directly to the substrate. It is also necessary to ensure that you match the target color for your graphic overlay. The best way to design graphic overlay is by using AutoCAD since it helps in generating drawings relatively fast. It is necessary to consider the photographic layer of the membrane switch by ensuring that they are aesthetically appealing and can endure the environment. The good thing with graphic overlays is that you can produce them using unique anti-microbial materials that hinder the growth of bacteria. Adhesive – Well, one of the most outstanding values of a graphic overlay is that it adheres and stays adhered to the final product. Customizable – graphic overlays allow for the application of a wide range of finishes hence providing different looks. You can as well use a graphic overlay to protect your products in a wide range of ways.

Labels that will be permanently affixed to low-surface energy materials will need specially designed adhesives. Graphic overlays connect users with the equipment they use, and often serve a critical function for the product. Without them, operators would be unable to use the equipment for its intended purpose. Sterile environments may require an overlay material with anti-microbial properties that inhibit bacterial growth, as well as endure harsh cleaning agents. Polycarbonate – available in thicknesses up to .030″, offering a durable solution that resist abrasions and stand up to exposure to cleaning solutions, chemicals, or other harsh environments. Create contrast or add interest with unique surface decoration. Metal finishes include simple geometrics as well as sporty faux carbon fibers. Today at Epec, the customer comes first, and everything we do must be put through that filter. By doing that every day, and by always making the customer our top priority, we plan on being here for another 65 years and then some.