Pre Fab Granite Countertops

Also, prefab granite can be cut onsite at the house on the day of installation. The fast turn around is the biggest appeal for flippers and landlords. Even engineered stone can have its day when you look at the subtle yet modern aesthetic engineered quartz countertops can bring to your home’s kitchen or bathroom. Stone is a product of nature and has its own unique qualities that distinguish it from quartz surface materials. Discuss these characteristics with your natural stone supplier. Prefab granite countertops cost considerably less than custom madeones.

I have some customers who refuse to consider prefab granite. Their view is that if it costs half as much, it must be only half as good. Thankfully, many of my customers don’t feel that way, and the kitchen my wife and I remodeled ably demonstrates that the reverse is true—that something costing half as much can turn out twice as good.

The groups are not necessarily determined by quality of the granite, but of the color and the demand for that color. We have some beautiful colors available in our prefab granite selection. In addition, you can also choose from many different styles of edging. In other words, you have endless options for customization when you choose slab over prefab countertops. Slab countertops lack the many restrictive qualities inherent to prefabricated options.

This will save you both time and money because you no longer have to deal with multiple companies. We have everything here that you need to do your countertop installation right. Quartz is what you need to choose if you’re seeking consistency, as they’re uniform in color and pattern.

When you order prefab countertops, you are receiving a piece of stone that has already been cut into a standardized measurement. But not all countertops are created equal, and while the stone you choose for your project may come down to a variety of factors, so can the process of procuring and creating your home’s counters. You can have plain, drab cabinets and change the whole look with just a countertop change. If you are trying to sell your home it makes it more sellable. Sealing is very sinple, if you know how to wipe your counters you are able to seal.

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They are suitable in situations where multiple pieces are required and all the pieces must be of the same size. Installing a prefabricated stone is much easier and faster as compared to a custom cut slab. Explore our expansive selection of slabs and countertops available for your project. In addition to granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, and Man Made Quartz.

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We are experienced granite and quartz surface fabricators. While prefab granite countertops aren’t customized to fit your space, we have a large selection of common sizes to choose from. You can find a size that will match your kitchen or bathroom. AMC Stone & Cabinets imports slabs directly from quarries and manufacturers. Choose from our selection of prefabricated quartz and granite countertops to remodel your space at an affordable price. This is a highly versatile and extremely durable when used for countertops.

Our prefabricated granite tops are ideal for contractors, retailers, decorators and fabricators. The biggest advantage to prefabricated granite is the price. Because most of the fabrication was already done over seas by less expensive labor you can usually find these at a discounted price. Depending on the kitchen or bathroom you are doing, you may save money on material if you can get away with the prefab dimensions.